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What is MOPAC2009 ?

MOPAC2009 is the successor to MOPAC2007. MOPAC2007 will no longer
be supported.  Customers with MOPAC2007 support will be able to upgrade
to MOPAC2009 at no cost.


What's new in MOPAC2009 ?

• The MOZYME function.  This is a linear-scaling SCF technique
suitable for modeling proteins

  New in MOPAC2007TM

• NEW parameterization (PM6) using experimental and ab initio data
• More accurate* heats of formation and geometries
• ALL main group elements & transition metals parameterized
• Serious errors from PM3 and AM1 corrected
• Crystals, surfaces & polymers with periodic boundaries
• FREE to academics

For more information, click to see the MOPAC2009 brochure

Click here for background information on MOPAC

*compared to AM1, PM3 and some ab initio methods

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