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What is MOPAC2009 ?

MOPAC2009 is the successor to MOPAC2007. MOPAC2007 will no longer
be supported.  Customers with MOPAC2007 support will be able to upgrade
to MOPAC2009 at no cost.


What's new in MOPAC2009 ?

• The MOZYME function.  This is a linear-scaling SCF technique
suitable for modeling proteins

  New in MOPAC2007TM

• NEW parameterization (PM6) using experimental and ab initio data
• More accurate* heats of formation and geometries
• ALL main group elements & transition metals parameterized
• Serious errors from PM3 and AM1 corrected
• Crystals, surfaces & polymers with periodic boundaries
• FREE to academics

For more information, click to see the MOPAC2009 brochure

Click here for background information on MOPAC

Click here for further technical information on some of the features of PM6

*compared to AM1, PM3 and some ab initio methods

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