Notes on Green fluorescent protein (1EMA)

This protein, jellyfish protein, is interesting in that residue 66 is a chromophore. Two X-ray structures were reported at almost the same time. One, PDB file 1EMA, was deposited on 01-AUG-96, and labels residues 65, 66, and 67 as a chromophore, as "CRO-66".  The other, PDB file 1GFL, was deposited later that month on 23-AUG-96, and describes residue 65 as SER, 66 as TYR, and 67 as GLY, and notes that there are several unusual features regarding interatomic distances. Although the residues in 1EMA and 1GFL are labeled differently, the actual structures in this part of the protein are essentially the same.

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