Keywords for use with the IRC and DRC

1. Setting up the transition state: NLLSQ, SIGMA, or TS.
2. Constructing the FORCE matrix: FORCE or IRC=n, ISOTOPE, LET.
3. Starting an IRC: RESTART and IRC=n, X-PRIO, H-PRIO.
4. Starting a DRC: DRC or DRC=n.nn, KINETIC=n.nn, T-PRIO, etc..
5. Starting a DRC from a transition state: (DRC or DRC=n) and IRC=n, KINETIC=n.
6. Restarting an IRC: RESTART and IRC.
7. Restarting a DRC: RESTART and (DRC or DRC=n.nn).
8. Restarting a DRC starting from a transition state: RESTART and (DRC or DRC=n.nn).

Other keywords, such as T=nnn or GEO-OK can be used any time.
To run a specific number of steps, use CYCLES=nnn.  This is the easiest way to limit the run.