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MOPAC2016™ is available as a standalone command-line driven application for Windows®, Linux and Macintosh. For versions of MOPAC2016™ bundled with graphical user interfaces, click here.

MOPAC2016 (Windows, Linux, Mac)                Acad*.    Govt.    Comm.

1 permanent license (1 node)                   Free      $2,500   $5,000
1-year Support** & updates (1 node)            $1,000    $1,000   $1,000
5 permanent licenses (5 nodes)                   -       $5,000  $10,000
1-year Support** & updates (5 nodes)             -       $2,000   $2,000
Annual site-license & support                    -       $5,000  $10,000
Permanent site-license (executable)              -      $10,000  $20,000
Permanent site-license (source-code)             -      $10,000  $20,000
Permanent site-license (source & executable)  $12,500   $25,000
MOPAC2009 for CAChe, Windows                   $1,000    $2,500   $5,000
    Permanent single node license     
MOPAC2009 for CAChe, Windows                   $2,000    $5,000  $10,000
    Annual site-license
PARAM (1 node)                                $30,000   $40,000  $50,000
* The free Academic license is only for non-profit, non-proprietary use. 
  A new copy of the executable needs to be downloaded annually.

**Annual Support includes prompt responses to email questions, usually within two working days, and software version updates (including MOPAC2016™) when available.  Current MOPAC2012™ and MOPAC2016™ customers without a Support contract, may upgrade to the latest version for 50% of the current list price.  The first year of annual support is included free with product purchase.

Multi-core single-chip processors (e.g. dual core and quad-core) are considered as 1 node for MOPAC licensing purposes.

License Agreement
   MOPAC2016 uses a click-thru end-user license agreement



          Installation, FAQs, & troubleshooting

          Online MOPAC manual

          Online PARAM manual

          Web support request form
         Email support request

          Release notes & current version number

          Download latest version of MOPAC

          Download MAKPOL, a free utility for constructing extended solids from
          a unit cell for input into MOPAC

          Download BZ, a free utility for analysing Brouillin Zone band structure
          in the output of MOPAC calculations on solids