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Download 64-bit MOPAC2012 for Windows (includes a small run-time window)

Download 32-bit MOPAC2012 for Windows (includes a small run-time window)
32-bit MOPAC2012 runs about 25% faster than 64-bit MOPAC2012

MOPAC2012 for use with CAChe on Windows XP:
Only available commercially, no Academic version

Download stand-alone 64-bit MOPAC2012 for Windows

Download stand-alone 64-bit CPU+GPU MOPAC2012 for Windows
Read Requirements for GPU MOPAC before proceeding.

Download stand-alone 32-bit MOPAC2012 for Windows

Download stand-alone 32-bit CPU+GPU MOPAC2012 for Windows
Read Requirements for GPU MOPAC before proceeding.

Download 64-bit MOPAC2012 for Macintosh (Mountain Lion and Mavericks)

Download 64-bit MOPAC2012 for LINUX 

Download 32-bit MOPAC2012 for LINUX  

Download MOPAC2012 for CentOS-5

Download MOPAC2012 for CentOS-6

Download MOPAC2012 for CentOS-7

Download 64-bit CPU+GPU MOPAC2012 for LINUX  
Read Requirements for GPU MOPAC before proceeding.

For other flavors of Linux:  The version of glibc that the Linux OS uses must be identified.  If the attempt to install MOPAC works, great!  If it complains that glibc is missing, identify which version of glibc is used by the Linux operating system, then use the appropriate CentOS version.  These are: CentOS 5: glibc-2.5 CentOS 6: glibc-2.12, CentOS 7: glibc-2.17.

 Please note that you will need a license key to complete the installation of
     MOPAC2012. If your license key does not arrive within two working days,
     please contact

Installation instructions for WINDOWS

(installation instructions are also included with the download)

1.  Download the appropriate executable, unzip it, then make sure your
     emailed password is available.

2.  Create a folder called "MOPAC" under "C:\Program Files"
     (i.e. create "C:\Program Files\MOPAC")

3.  Put "MOPAC2012.exe" and "libiomp5md.dll" in the new folder  "C:\Program Files\MOPAC" 

4.  Using Notepad (or MS Word), create a new ".txt" file

5.  Name the file the same as your password (sent to you by email), i.e. if the
     password is 1234a5678 then name the file "1234a5678.txt", then Save it.

6.  Change the suffix of this file from "txt" to "mop"

7.  Place this file in the same folder as the MOPAC2012.exe

8.  Right-button click on this new (password.mop) file

9.  Select "Open with | Choose a program"

10. Then click "Browse..." and navigate to
      "C:\Program Files\MOPAC\MOPAC2012.exe"

11. Select "MOPAC2012.exe" then click "Open"

12. Read the license agreement

13. If you agree, click the Return (Enter) key, then type the word "yes" and
      click return again.

14. Click the "Yes" button on the dialog box to complete the process.

15. You are now ready to run MOPAC2012

Installation instructions for LINUX
(installation instructions are also included with the download)

1. Create a directory called "/opt/mopac/" and give it privileges "rwxrwxrwx",
    i.e. run the command: "chmod 777 mopac"  You will need superuser
    privileges to do this. 

2. Download the Linux MOPAC2012 executable, and put it in the directory 

3. Add the following line to your .bashrc or .cshrc start-up script: "alias

4. Run the start-up script, that is, run the command: "source .bashrc"  This
    will activate the alias.

5. A password will be sent to the E-mail address you provided on the previous
    page.  It should arrive within 48 hours.  If it does not arrive then, please

6. Create a directory that will be used for running MOPAC jobs.

7. Do one of the following two operations:
    At the command level, run the command: mopac <password>
    At the file manager window, create a data set with the same name as the  
    password.  That is, if the password is 12345678a12345678 then create a
    file with that name.  Open that file with MOPAC2012.

    The first time MOPAC is run, it will read the password and run a question- 
    and-answer dialogue.  When that is completed, the password is installed.

8. Run MOPAC using data sets that have the names <file>.mop, <file>.dat, or
    <file>.arc.  E.g. run the command "mopac test" to run the data set
    "test.mop", or "mopac test.arc" to run the data set "test.arc"

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